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A one-man play by Marco Mazza performed for one audience member at a time

In a close relationship between viewer and actor sitting at the table of a cafè, the performance investigates the world of Hamlet lying within ourselves. A tarot reading acts as an excuse to question one’s ego, in a story intertwining past, present and future through cold places such as Denmark and Norway, where the Shakespearean tragedy unfolds, and then taking us back to the here and now of present time.

There will be four sessions:11am -12pm -13pm -14pm
Time:45 minutes
Ticket:10 pounds
Reservation required
email: or
phone:01392 490 060

Credits:by ScarlattineTeatro, Gnab Collective | production Campsirago Residenza | script and direction Martina Marti | artistic advice Michele Losi (Pleiadi Art Productions) | Actor Marco Mazza | visual design e fotografia Erno Raitanen | translation Angelica Maran | © original version 2012 Martina Marti, Marion Maisano & Cécile Orblin | supported by Kone Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Performance Center Eskus, City of Helsinki Cultural Office

Earlier Event: April 13
Later Event: April 21
Simon Edward Johns