Gloriously Green

Recently I was talking with a regular customer about Eco-Friendly matters, and I told them about The Glorious' green credentials and he was shocked that we don't have them on the website, or printed anywhere, so....

Ecotricity.. For anyone who's not sure about how to get sustainable energy in their home without installing solar panels or wind farms head over to this company's website. For every bit of electricity we use at The Glorious they replace it into the grid with energy generated from wind power, solar power or hydro power. They provide all of this at a great price and can offer it for your home, business and now car..


Vegware produce takeaway materials from plant matter, the create zero waste products that are completely compostable. Recycled packaging is great, but requires so much energy to turn it into something new that it almost outweighs the benefit, making plastic out of cornstarch has a much lower carbon footprint than the alternatives. 

Behind the scenes, we use The Green Stationary Company,    a shop based in Bath, from the menus on the table to the envelopes we post or invoices we print it's done as low impact as possible, they provide ink for printers in recycled cartridges and pens made from cornstarch, even our ring binders are made from recycled cardboard..  

We Carbon Offset... Carbon offsetting is a way businesses can balance out their impact on carbon emissions, in order to get these brilliant products sent to us from Edinburgh and Bath we need a lorry on the road, clever scientists have worked out how much carbon this produces, and we then pay a little extra for each delivery, this little bit of money goes towards funding projects that are reducing the impact of greenhouse gases; such as forest or woodland conservation trusts or renewable energy research. 

We try to use local suppliers who already deliver into Exeter to keep down the number of delivery vehicles on the road, by working with small businesses such as Court House Orchard, who make McG's Apple Juice, they can tell us when they're coming in to Exeter anyway, the majority of our suppliers are Devon based. We also check suppliers eco-policies when possible, the winner of our most eco supplier is Peck & Strong, over 50% of their electricity is made on site, with the remaining coming from a renewable source, they use LED lighting, water heated by recovered warm air, minimum packaging and gas saving ovens. They are an inspiration to us as business and create utterly delicious cakes.

There's many other areas in which we go green, 50% of our cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly, our till doesn't print unless requested, all our glass, plastic and cardboard is recycled... and we've still got a way to go yet.. 

We never wanted to be snooty about being green, we want to feel like we do what we can, and if everyone just did a little bit we think the world would become a little bit better, and that's a really good place to begin changing it.